Distributed Power Generation and Application

Flare Gas to Power

Distributed power solutions are beginning to be developed in Canada or the recovery and use of flare gas for wellfield compression and power generation. During oil extraction, the associated gas, or natural gas recovered with crude oil and bitumen, is sometimes flared to dispose of it because the quantities produced are either too small or the wells too remote to economically process or sell the gas.

There is strong potential to recover flare gas for power generation in Canada. Converting all of Alberta and Saskatchewan’s flare gas into electricity could potentially generate 65 MW of power and would yield significant economic benefit.

Alberta’s Draft Directive, released in November 2011 and revised in October 2013, regulates flaring at all upstream petroleum industry wells and facilities in the province.

British Columbia released a similar Flaring and Venting Reduction Guideline in October 2011.

Saskatchewan introduced both Directive S-1050 regulating flare gas reduction, and Directive S-20, regulating flare performance, in July 2011. The province also recently rolled out a Flare Gas Power Generation program for small- to-medium-sized oil producers, offering 20-year power generation contracts for 100 kW–1 MW projects converting flare gas to electricity.

Our Solutions

JiCai mobile micro generators provide the low operational cost, high availability, and high reliability oil producers need.

We offer a one stop shop full solution for on site flare gas to power generation system setup with our container size natural gas power generators. We work on projects all over US and Canada. Talk to us about your specific project.

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