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Farm Waste to Power

Biogas: Converting Waste to Energy

We help Canadian farms and food processors turn waste to electricity

Biogas is produced through the process of ‘anaerobic digestion,’ or digestion in the absence of air. Organic material is placed inside a large tank, called an anaerobic digester or biodigester, where it is broken down by microorganisms.

Biogas is similar to natural gas in that it can be used as a fuel in power generators, engines, boilers and burners. Agricultural producers can use biogas directly on their farms, to help meet their farm’s energy demand. Potentially, they could also sell any excess electricity to neighboring communities or to the power pool.

Anaerobic digestion process

Byproduct gases from agricultural, food processing, and industrial processes are captured to fuel JiCai low-energy fuel generators. And the energy you generate is nearly free power for your facility.

Industries we work with


Canada currently has 61 operational anaerobic digestion, or biogas, facilities in the agriculture and agri-food sector, and at least 5 facilities either planned, under construction, or in commissioning.
JiCai low-energy fuel natural gas/biogas generators are engineered to handle fuel with variations in methane content typical of agricultural biogas operations.

Food Processors

Green growth is not only desirable and achievable, but also essential if ‘carbon footprint’ requirements are to be met. A growing number of food system installations run with biogas obtained by anaerobic treatment of industrial waste.
A food manufacturer can reduce costs and waste by using biogas from its wastewater treatment plant as an energy source to power its operations.


From dairy farms to greenhouse facilities, JiCai modular biogas/natural gas generators provide power for all your agricultural applications.

We can deploy and work on projects all over Canada and US. Do you have any projects want to discuss with us? Send us a message now.

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