Distributed Power & Energy

Globally, the way that power is generated and delivered is changing. Centralized systems are evolving into more integrated networks. Distributed technologies, in which power is generated at or near its point of use, are playing an increasingly important role within these networks.

In Canada, implementation of optimal distributed technologies is essential to ensure long-term, affordable power for its citizens, and to drive growth and economic prosperity within Canada’s remote yet resource-rich regions.

Distributed power technologies are becoming more compact, more accessible, more efficient, and more affordable today than they were just a decade ago. This has allowed distributed power systems to overcome many of the constraints that typically inhibit the development of large capital projects for power generation and delivery. Key benefits are summarized as follows:

  • Efficiency. Distributed generation is more energy-efficient, as point-of-use utilization minimizes waste from transmission losses, and allows for both electricity and thermal energy to be employed in combined heat and power (CHP) or district heating applications.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. The smaller scale of distributed power technologies translates into lower investment hurdles and lower overall construction and operating costs, reducing risk as well as capital requirements for project financing.
  • Speed. Distributed power systems can be installed quickly and in some cases do not require the lengthy siting, permitting and review procedures that often plague large infrastructure projects.
  • Flexibility. The small size of distributed power technologies enables energy providers to more effectively match supply and demand levels through smaller, incremental adjustments.
  • Localization. Localizing distributed generation at or near its consumers enables the monitoring, operation and maintenance of these systems to be customized to meet specific local needs.
  • Reliability. Decentralized elements within a weak or unreliable central grid allow for more rapid regional power restoration following an outage or natural disaster.

We offer a full solution of distributed power generators and provide full solutions for remote power generation and on site power consumption.

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